How Long Can Yorkies Be Left Alone?

How Long Can Yorkies Be Left Alone?

This question often comes up when you are considering adding a Yorkshire Terrier to your household. In fact, many people wonder the same thing. It all depends on your pet and your commitment. 

So briefly;

How long can Yorkies be left alone?

If you have a fenced in yard and your Yorkie stays inside most of the day with you then it would take him a long time to become an independent dog. Yorkies over 18 months old can be left alone in his crate from 4 to 6 hours a day while puppies should not be left for more than 2 to 3 hours a day. They’ll need around one hour to two hours of free run time. If you leave him unsupervised for any longer than that then he could become a potential risk.

Most vets and dog trainers will advise that if you are away for work for a long time then you might find that your dog has to go through “puppy kindergarten” and this is a supervised training process where a professional helps the dog transition into becoming independent. 

Depending on how your Yorkie has been raised and trained, it is sometimes difficult to give a definite answer about how long it takes for him or her to become independent. 

You have to remember that you have been together for quite some time and your dog probably loves you deeply. He will probably want to spend more time with you and will therefore need more time with you. So, if you see that your dog wants to be around you then you should not try to stop this. All you have to do is show him that you love him and cuddle with him, play with him and give him time to himself.

So how long does it take to become a well behaved dog? It really depends on many factors even though Yorkshire Terriers tend to be very calm and quite respectful of their owners. 

One thing that you need to understand before leaving your Yorkie alone is that they can often become shy, and if you have other dogs in the house, this can lead to a lonely life. That’s why it’s important to socialise your dog as much as possible and introduce them to other dogs at an early age. If you follow these basic principles and manage to give your Yorkshire Terrier all the love and attention he needs then you should find that you won’t have to worry when you leave him alone for a couple of hours.

What to do if you will have to leave your Yorkie Home Alone?

Leaving home alone (without your furry friend) for any amount of time is stressful, but what happens if you will have to leave your Yorkie Home Alone? Does it become dangerous for your dog? What should you  do if you will need to leave your Yorkie Home Alone? 

The answer to these questions depends on many factors, such as how long you have been keeping the dog, your lifestyle, how well is your Yorkie trained, how has he been socialized, is there enough food and clean water for him to feast on, how about the toys, and many other factors. 

To take the overwhelm off your shoulders, here are some things you should consider if ever you will need to leave your Yorkie alone.

  • Long-Term care or hospice: If you will be gone for a long period of time over 6 hours, you should consider getting professional help. Professional therapy and care can help alleviate some of the symptoms of depression in your Yorkie. He or she may also benefit from medications to help with their separation anxiety and insomnia. This is especially important if you leave your dog alone in the house during long periods of time because they can become depressed and develop anxiety disorders.
  • Curb the depression: If your Yorkie becomes depressed when he realises that you’re about to leave him alone, the first thing you should do is to understand why he gets depressed. If the condition is already out of control, leaving the dog at home alone can be emotionally difficult for him to bear and can become destructive. Seek help from a professional dog trainer so that he or she can help eliminate this behavior.  Take action immediately or the depression progresses instead of being arrested.

Maybe you’re asking, how do you prevent depression in dogs?

One way to prevent depression is through regular exercise and social interaction. You should play with your Yorkie often and give them adequate physical exercise on a daily basis. 

If you are still having difficulty getting your Yorkie home alone then it may be a good idea to enroll in a behavior modification training program. This is because the Yorkshire Terrier has a very strong need for human contact, which can be fulfilled through play and human interaction. This will help the depressed dog or Yorkie owners overcome their depression and can go a long way to preventing them from developing behavioral problems such as separation anxiety.

  • Practice leaving him alone: If you have a Yorkie that suffers from separation anxiety then you should try to find ways to keep the dog physically separated from you for long enough to reduce their anxiety. If you can only leave your pet dog for short periods of time then you can try to find a suitable motivation for him that will allow you to keep the Yorkie safe and secure until you are able to return. Once you have returned safely, then your Yorkie can gradually become more comfortable on his own.

If you are a busy person and you know you’ll be leaving your Yorkie alone for long periods, the best thing is to prepare early in advance. You can go for a long walk or run, have him potty and pee right before leaving so that he stays more calm when you’re gone.

In addition, have his favorite toys, food and water in the appropriate positions.

How can I train my Yorkie to stay home alone?

You have probably wondered, “How can you  train your Yorkie to stay home alone?” 

If you have then you are not alone. Many owners, who live alone or do not have a lot of time to exercise and care for their pets, wonder about this everyday. This is especially true if the dog starts misbehaving or gets aggressive and they wonder how they can train their Yorkie to be more secure and independent.

If you look back at your own childhood, you probably remember that you became very anxious and started to show signs of anxiety even when left alone. You probably also become depressed and picked at your skin until you bled. You probably hid yourself from friends and family out of fear. These behaviors are the result of years of conditioning yourself to think that being alone all day long is bad and it is the same thing that happens with dogs.

It does not take a lot of time to reverse these effects however. You only need to spend an hour a day for two straight days at a minimum. This will quickly cure your Yorkie’s separation anxiety and depression. Once you get your pet feeling better and confident you can let them go back to being the exciting pet that they are meant to be. Then you will never have to worry about leaving him or her alone.

I know this answer will surprise you, but that is the best way that I personally used to get my dog to feel better.

Separation Anxiety is one of the most destructive behaviors of a dog. When a dog is separated from its owner, it becomes anxious and feels uncomfortable because it does not understand why it is left behind. 

Once the dog understands its owner has left it alone it usually calms down. However, in some cases separation anxiety causes the dog to become aggressive or agitated when it realizes it is alone. Training your dog to calm down immediately so that you can both go outside and get along better is crucial if you want to train your Yorkie to stay home alone.

What happens if I leave my Yorkie alone for 8 hours or more?

When you first bring your Yorkie home it’s probably the most important decision you’ll ever make. It is going to be a lifelong commitment to provide a safe and healthy environment for your dog, whether it’s just sitting in your backyard all day or an hour per day at a kennel. Here are some answers to common questions about what happens if you leave your Yorkie alone in your home for long periods of time.

  • Loss of appetite: A yorkie left alone for this long may start to lose their appetite. It is not that they’re sick but because they get bored with eating. They decide to sleep and stare because you’re not around. However, if your Yorkie remains this way even when you get home, it could be a sign of depression and you’ll need to seek professional assistance.
  • Changes in sleeping habits: THis is another thing that your Yorkie will develop if you leave him alone for long. If you’re out during the day, he will sleep and remain active when you’re around. You will not be able to pet him at night whereas you want to rest from a long day.
  • Weight loss: Yorkies who have not been trained to stay home alone for longer periods won’t eat well and eventually start losing weight gradually.  

What a Yorkie needs while home alone

Sometimes we contribute to our dogs’ stressful moments when we have to leave them alone at home.

For example, leaving your day without water in his water dish will make him thirsty, making him stubborn and anxious the next day when you leave. It is not often a good experience for them. In fact, this is a bad habit that you need to look into.

It’s not just water that needs to be left for him or her when you’re going out, it’s all the amenities that will make them feel loved.

With that in mind, before you leave your Yorkie alone, make sure that you have the following items for him or her.

  • Food: Just in case he is hungry, he will eat and be energized.
  • Water: To quench his thirst and stay hydrated while he awaits you to get home.
  • Bedding and blankets: These are very important just so he can take a nap when he is tired and starting to yearn for your presence.
  • Safe space: Need to ensure that you don’t just lock him in the kitchen, backyard, or in the living room. You can train him to stay in his crate as a safe place or have one good room left out for him. Even a doggy house will be better.
  • Toilet area or potty pads 
  • Toys: Just so they can get occupied.


Yorkies are social dogs and leaving them alone for long hours can lead to destructive behavior.

If you have one and are planning on leaving him or her alone, make sure that you give him or her enough exercise, both physically and mentally. This is very important because they’ll burn off pent-energy and prevent boredom when you leave.

If you are certain that you will be away for over 6 hours, I’d advise that you find a good doggy care home and drop him off when you head out. Here, he will learn and socialize with other dogs making him enjoy his life.

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