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The Coolest Dog Products Every Dog Owner Should Have

The Coolest Dog Products Every Dog Owner Should Have

Being a dog parent means you’re now responsible for another life. You need to ensure that your pooch’s basic needs are met, make the time to build a strong bond with your dog as the more close you’re to your dog, the easier it will be to go on a hike with your dog -even if it’s just to a nearby dog park.

For over 7 years, our life has been controlled by two Malamutes Charlie and Bella. We’ve always been pushed to spoil them with cool dog products thus the need to share the coolest dog products that we thought every dog owner should have. Whether you just got a new furry or are just adding to your loyal canine collection of accessories, these are the ultimate items you should have.

Outdoor and Travel Supplies/Accessories

Going for outdoor activities or for travel? Well, below are some of the travel supplies/accessories you need to have when you want to go hiking or any outdoor activity with your pooch.

ID Tags

In your list of dog essentials, the ID tag should be at the top. If for instance your dog gets lost or escapes, the personalised ID tag with the dog name will be of help to ensure your dog gets home quickly as possible even if he is micro-chipped .The ID tags should be worn by your dog 24/7 on a flat collar in case of earthquakes, fire, or other emergencies.

Pet First Aid Kit

The pet first aid kit doesn’t just come with the essentials but also with extra room to customize its content for your pet. When your furry friend gets hurt, it is always advisable to seek professional treatment. However, maybe the situation you will be in will not allow you to get to a vet or an emergency room as soon as possible and your pooch needs urgent attention. Under this scenario, a first aid kit will be handy. 

Protective outerwear for Dogs

This reflective and adjustable jacket guards your canine from wind, inclement weather, snow and rain making your furry friend on the go feel comfy. The inner lining is tear resistant, warm, and thin. Each leg has adjustable straps to adjust to the size of your dog’s limbs. For him to put it on, simply open the zip on the top and let him fit in. The zip has a protective Velcro to protect the dog’s air from being pulled off.

High-Tech Dog Toys and Gadgets to Keep your Puppy Busy

As a pet parent, there are many high-tech dog gadgets available for you that will make some of your responsibilities more automated. Tech manufactures have come to your rescue. As you might be aware, the international Dog Day is on August 26th this year, and the best way you can celebrate is by gifting your loyal friend, your dog. Here, find some awesome high-tech gadgets available for you as a pet parent that will make your dog feel appreciated.

An Automatic Feeder

When you are held up away from home and your dog needs to eat, don’t panic but be assured his meal is on the way. The Electric Pyrus Automatic Feeder is here for you. All you have to do is just to place your dog food in a hooper (the food should be dry) and program it. The feeder will automatically deliver measured food at a set time. Additionally, you can record your voice saying whatever it will let your dog know that it’s food time.

A Secure Doggy Door

When you are working outside for instance, but within the compound, your dog might feel exhausted and wants some relief, the high-tech pet door will be of service. Instead of the common doggy door that opens up to anyone, this high-tech doggy door only opens up to a specific dog approaching the door depending on the colour of your dog set on the door system. This type of a doggy door is secure and has an airtight seal.

A GPS Tracking Collar

Dog Products -Dog Collar

You can know where your loyal friend is by simply using the GPS tracking technology. Thanks to LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar. With this device you can also monitor the level of activity your dog does and gives recommendations. It also has light which allows you to easily sport your dog at night and also has the capacity to keep veterinarian records.

Dog Beds, Blankets, and Dog Houses

Dog Bed

Propper and comfortable sleep hygiene is one of the latest trends taking over the human health world. From silk bedding and smart beds to weighted comforters and weighted blankets. Considering the time you spent with your dog, it will be ideal to grant him that same luxury by getting him a good dog bed. If you belong to one of the households who own a dog, you can tell how crucial it is to ensure your dog’s safety and health. If you are thinking of adopting one maybe, it will be advisable to arm yourself with a good and comfortable dog bed once you welcome him to his forever home. Check out for the best dog beds available in the market and consider getting one for your canine friend.

Dog Blanket

Dog blankets are designed differently. They come in different sizes to suit your dog breed. Most of these dog blankets are smaller than the common human blanket,  meaning they can fit perfectly on top of a dog bed or inside the dog crate. Cleaning these dog blankets is easy because of their small sizes. If you are planning to go on a road trip with your furry friend, you may want to consider a waterproof dog blanket that acts as a furniture cover while protecting your car’s exterior from accidents, hair, and drool.

Dog house

If your dog loves to lounge or sleep outside, make sure that he is comfortable, safe, and sheltered by providing him with a good dog house. Before buying a dog house, there are some considerations you must bear in mind. First, consider the size of your dog as well as his temperament. Also you should consider your outdoor space you will be working with without forgetting the climate of your locality. There are tons of options available in the market to choose from. You will definitely get one that suits your furry friend.

Treat Dispensers

Do you spend much of your time away from home and warred about your pooch getting restless and bored? If yes, you should consider a no-bark collar to prevent him from causing disturbance to the neighbours as he cries out for attention. The greatest solution to minimise this is by getting him a treat dispensing dog toy. These dog toys are recommended by vets and dog trainers. The toy will allow you to pile your dog’s dry food, favorite kibbles, and treats. The dispenser will release the food slowly as he plays with the toy.

Humane Bark Collar

Training a dog with the most frustrating habits of excess barking at times seems like an uphill struggle. How can you fight this back? Well, the best solution is to invest in a humane back collar. At times this can be confusing if you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. Think of the different types of these training collars and choose the one that will work best for your canine.

Crates for Mandatory Behavior Training

Whether you decide to crate train your canine friend or not, it is entirely up to you to decide. Many dog enthusiasts and professional trainers recommend that you crate train your dog. It will be ideal if you crate train your dog so as to ensure he doesn’t cause dustructions while you are away or get injured at night.

If you decide to crate train your furry friend, the  Frisco Wire Dog Crate will be the best option for you. It is easy to transport or pack as it can fold up easily. It also has a divider panel specifically for growing dogs with two doors and a plastic base which is easy to clean.

Dog Gates for Blocking Certain Areas

If maybe you want to restrict your dog from accessing the kitchen, from going upstairs, or away from the litter box, a dog gate will be of service. Many thanks to Carlson Pet Products for designing and coming up with this extra-wide gate which works perfectly in 29 to 36.5 inches doors with a convenient walk-through design that can be locked. If at all you have a small pup or a cat, the door has a smaller door on the bottom of the gate which allows them to pass through if they need to.

Sturdy Leash for Daily Walks

Another essential product a dog owner should have is a leash. A good dog leash should be strong enough to stand the test of time without snapping or fraying. It should also have a clasp that is easy to attach to your pooch’s harness or collar. This clasp should tightly shut once you click it closed. 

Not all leashes are created equal and taste is different from person to person. Personally, I prefer leashes that have double handles. It has a loop at the end of the leash and another mid-way down for those instances when you want your dog kept closer to you. This particular leash is 6-feet in length and made of nylon which is heavy-duty. It also has a reflective stitching for night walks.

Doggie Water Bottles for Hot Days

It is always important to carry with you drinking water for both you and your dog when you go for hiking. You might not want to share the same water bottle with your dog but everyone to have his. You will then be required to buy him his. 

This classy water bottle and bowl all in one and it is incredibly handy. If it is that time you think your pooch needs to quench his thirst, just squeeze water up into the bowl for your canine to lap up. When your dog is done drinking and the water has remained in the bowl, simply release the bottle to allow the remaining water drain buck to the interior and save the water for later.

All-in-1 dog shampoo and conditioner that smells amazing

After a long day of playing in dirt or swimming, your furry friend will likely be stinky! Well, when this happens, it is the right time you break out the licking mat and give him a good bath. This  Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo and Conditioner is a top-rated product and an essential for every pet parent. After the barth, your dog will be left with a fresh smell and super soft. Additionally, for pups with sensitive skin, this shampoo and conditioner is gentle on their skin.

Long-lasting supply of poop bags

While you make glamorous purchases for your dog, poop bags are a necessity, especially if you don’t have your own yard. Luckily, many retailers offer multi-packs of poop bags, just to ensure you have enough to last several months.

Eco-friendly pee pads 

Whether your canine friend is in training, a senior with an overactive bladder, or 13-floors and an elevator standing in the way of your pup and the outdoors, potty pads will be of service as it will save your carpets and sanity. Getting him a pee pad will save your time of cleaning the dog’s mess.

Food containers to keep dry food protected

This storage container is airtight and can keep your dog food fresh for a long time. These food containers are also used to protect your dog’s kibbles from bugs and for keeping your dog’s secret food binges. Double-stacked containers, a matching scoop, and a snap-lock makes your dog feeding time convenient all round. Additionally, you can move the dog food in the contailer easily by just rolling it round instead of lifting heavy food bags or dragging them.

Dog harness to help you spot your pooch

A harness will provide your dog with more comfort and security, and it will be appropriate for those who tend to pull on leash. In my years as a dog parent, I will say that harnesses are more effective for controlling leashed dogs than collars. This is because they relive most strain off the dog’s neck, that is when they tug on the leash. The 3M reflective material and its bright colors makes it easy for you to sport your canine friend when it is dark outside and in a crowded park.

A Set of Dog Bowls

Food and water bowls are other essentials your furry friend will need and these stainless steel bowls are ideal and you can consider getting them for your canine friend. Their 4 to ¾ cup capacity makes it appropriate to feed all dogs from medium sized dogs to large dogs. They also have a rubber base making the bowl not to skid on the floor. These bowls are easy to clean. When they get dirty, you can just rinse them on the dishwasher and they’ll be ready for use again. Your dog will definitely enjoy eating in these bowls.

Food Mats to Minimize Dinnertime Messes

When your pooch is taking meals, he tends to dig into it and a lot of them will spill to the floor. Water and dog foods are not good for sensitive floors. Here is when the food mat comes in handy. Additionally, it will help you the dog parent to clean up the mess with ease as the food spills and water will be concentrated just on the foot mat. To make your stay with your furry friend easy, get him a good food mat.  

Last words

For good dog parenting, the above-mentioned dog products will make life with your pooch full of fun. Consider getting these incredible products for your furry friend and you will enjoy your stay with him.