COVID-19 and Dogs: How to Ensure Your Dogs’ Health In These Risky Times

COVID-19 and Dogs: How to Ensure Your Dogs’ Health In These Risky Times

Dogs love their owners as much as their owners do. That is why you will see your dogs huddled under the desk, windows, and doors close to the owner, snuggled into your lap. 

They like that their owner is around them all the time, so if, due to COVID-19, you are stuck and working from home, it is a very pleasant time for your pet. You have to understand that your dog is totally dependent on you, and he always trusts you that you will do your best to provide him with very good care. 

These furry friends are part of our family, too.

But the question is;

What will help us keep our dogs healthy and safe during this COVID-19 pandemic? 

It does not matter if you live with your family or take your dog for a walk every day, but keep in mind that you must follow social distancing protocol. The social distancing protocol calls for keeping a distance of 6 feet from each person and be sure to wash your hands properly every time you come from outside or return from a walk.

The information written below is provided to help you maintain your and your dog’s health and harmony while living together.

You can still go for a daily walk with your pet without hesitation, but keep in mind that you must visit the less crowded area. It will help if you avoid public places, dog parks, and other places. In the event that Covid-19 is suspected and you are isolated or quarantined, you should ask a trusted person to take your puppy for a walk. Never ask an elderly or vulnerable person for this task, but feel free to ask a healthy adult to walk your pet for you.

How can I keep my dogs mentally and physically healthy while I stay home?

Like humans, animals also experience physical and mental stress during tough times, but proper exercise can ease your friend’s mind and body.

If you are a dog owner, you can do this by playing ball in your yard, and a walk outside will definitely help. 

You must follow them, but understanding the safety measure is so important that you must keep an adequate distance between the two of you. The American Kennel Club strictly recommends washing your hands before going, and after returning from a walk, your dogs’ paws should be cleaned after returning from the walk, and AKC also recommends not visiting the dog park in this situation.

If you are trying to avoid visiting outside and looking for activities inside your home, then you should have to play hide and seek with your pet, or you can also set up an obstacle course for your pet to complete in a certain time. For your puppy’s brain training, you can teach him new tricks, and you can also reinforce old behaviors and tricks that the Big Six can be.

Like us, dogs also demand exercise, so you can do this by placing a ping pong ball or dog  toy in any cardboard box so your canine pal can chase it and also inside the cardboard box to hit it. You can also introduce your furry friend to an agility course that contains elements to jump over them and tunnels through which your dog should have to crawl.

You can also help your partner overcome his phobias and feel comfortable doing activities that overwhelm your pet, such as trimming his nails, brushing his teeth, and cleaning his ears.

Although the techniques written above are fruitful for your pet’s physical and mental health, you must also take special care of your own physical and mental health. It is confirmed by the University of California, Davis College of Veterinary Medicine that dogs respond very well to their trusting, patient and calm demeanor that contains human friends.

Measures that should be taken for pet’s safety when working from home

As it is seen, dogs love that you work from home because it will allow him to have your company for a longer time. But problems can also arise. For example, your dog may start barking when you are on a conference call, your dog may start to walk on the keyboard, or both of them may get bored and start pulling at you for attention.

To get rid of such interruptions, be sure to provide your pet with exercise and food before starting your online meeting. During your working hours, be sure to provide your pet with a cozy space so that it does not interfere with your work.

Since you have to work from home, make sure your pet doesn’t get hurt while you’re working, so remove things that could damage it, such as electrical cords and heavy objects or folders placed on your windowsill. If some types of noises can stress your pet, be sure to eliminate them; that noise may be the sound of your printer and the ping of incoming email.

Science has shown that there are many benefits of owning a dog, including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

What about the interaction of our children and dogs with each other?

This COVID-19 pandemic situation is considered the ideal time to teach your children about limits when playing with dogs. In this situation, it is necessary to teach them how to pet and talk to them. Children should only be able to play with dogs indoors or in the compound and are restricted from playing or even touching other people’s dogs. Children should be taught to wash their hands after each play session with their dogs.

What if my dog gets sick or injured and needs to see a vet?

If you see your dog lazy or sick, the first step you should take is to call the vet and explain your pet’s situation. Your vet will provide the specific procedure to help you with the care your dog needs. You can browse more about the exemplary process provided by WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association).

You can also benefit from telemedicine as veterinary practices are just beginning in the United States and some other countries.

Can my dog get COVID-19?

Some dogs have been revealed to have tested positive for Covid-19 as they had very close contact with their infected owners. The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that the companion pet has not yet been shown to transmit Covid.

Although there is no evidence that dogs can spread this disease, we must limit interaction with our dogs if they or we are sick. Basic hygiene rules must be followed when transporting or handling the pet. It doesn’t matter if you are healthy or sick, but you should have to wash your hands every time you handle your pet’s supplies, toys, or food.

Although we love dogs and we love to kiss them and receive affection from them, but due to this pandemic, we must avoid kissing them and also not let them do this not only to you but to other dogs as well. Feed them separately. Although sharing is caring, this situation does not allow us.

You can also check out the information about COVID-19 shared by AVMA (American Veterinary Medicine Association).

Should you be concerned regarding fleas and ticks in this situation?

Although you restrict your pet from going outside, they love to go, and it doesn’t matter if your pet goes outside or not, but he can get ticks and fleas. If you see any such signs, you just need to talk to your vet about this problem, and he will suggest the best treatment options available. Curbside collection for flea and tick medications limiting personal contact is being used for this purpose.

What about vaccines?

Yes! Many dangerous diseases can be prevented by vaccination, such as rabies, Lyme disease, respiratory diseases, and leptospirosis. But in this pandemic situation, you should check with your vet about your dogs’ health, and don’t forget to visit their websites and pages where they share regular updates.

Final thoughts on dogs health and COVID-19

As written above, there is no proven evidence yet that COVID can spread through animals, so do not completely isolate your pet. Since you cannot leave your family or your dog in this situation, your pet also requires your care and presence in this pandemic.

Therefore, check back regularly to maintain the health of you and your dog. The written information above is to help you understand how you can keep yourself and your furry pal healthy. So be practical and follow the instructions for your safety and that of your pet.

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