Can Australian Shepherds Be Left Alone?

Can Australian Shepherds Be Left Alone?

While most Australian Shepherds enjoy the company of their human companions, there are times when they must forage on their own. This is natural for most dogs but can become a real challenge when faced with a crate or home alone. 

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Can Australian Shepherds be left alone?

Leaving your Aussie home alone for extended periods of time may prove to be too much for him or her. These dogs may not have an easier time adjusting to solitary confinement. Providing an additional human to play with your Aussie at least once or twice a day will help minimize boredom and help keep him or her in good behavior because they’re incredibly devoted to their owners.

If you want to make sure that your Australian Shepherd is safe and secure when home alone, provide him with a dedicated space that is large enough to provide a comfortable and safe haven for your canine. While many dogs prefer the comforts of the couch and regular pillows, some Australian Shepherds may need a few interactive dog toys to give them the extra stimulation they crave.

Why should you not leave your Australian Shepherd alone?

It is a sad reality that while most people love dogs they also need to learn why you should not leave your Australian shepherd alone in your home. 

This will be one of the biggest challenges you will face as an owner of this breed. If you are like most dog owners, you have been through this before when your dog was left alone for long periods of time. You may have been able to get them back in the house but there are ways you can keep them safe and secure but here are reasons why you should not leave them alone.

Before you think of leaving these furry guys alone, you need to understand that they become bored easily, and can become confused and frustrated when spending time alone. They want social contact and interaction. 

There are several things to consider when deciding whether your Aussie should be left alone. 

  • First, what is the nature of your relationship with your dog? 
  • Consider your Aussie’s lifestyle when deciding whether to leave him or her alone.
  • Is he or she part of your family or just a friend?
  • Do you allow your Aussie to play with other dogs during the day or only when you’re not home?
  • Does your Aussie get along better with only one other dog or many? 
  • Is your dog active and well-balanced, or does he or she need more exercise?
  • Are you home most of the time or is your Aussie often left to go out in the yard and run around? An active Aussie that needs more attention may not be the best candidate to be left alone.

Allowing multiple dogs to play together, alone or in a multi-dog home can be stimulating and fun for all of the dogs involved.

If your dog needs more physical or mental stimulation than a more solitary lifestyle would provide, socializing your dog with other dogs or other people in your home is an option. 

If you’re a busy Aussie owner, you may spend a lot of time at work or other commitments, so physical interaction with the people in their life may be limited. If you must leave him or her alone, always plan leaving times for your canine companion as well as knowing exactly where your dog will go during those times. 

If you feel you must leave your Aussie for prolonged periods of time, discuss alternative activities for your Aussie to occupy his or her free time.

Knowing why you should not leave your Australian Shepherd alone is important. Leaving your Aussie by himself is not a good idea, no matter how well you know him. With proper exercise and socialization your Aussie will be happy and healthy. If you are still concerned about leaving your Aussie alone, speak to your vet today.

What should you do if you must leave your Australian Shepherd alone?

You need to make sure your Australian Shepherd is safe. There are several ways you can do this. First you can make sure that you leave them in a fenced area. This way, if they get out of the fenced area they will be secured in a safe place where they cannot get out and hurt themselves or run off.

You also want to make sure that when you are leaving your Australian Shepherd alone you have a special place ready for them. You can purchase a large plastic dog crate for your Shepherd to use when you are leaving them alone. You can purchase a larger one if your Shepherd is large. It is always best to leave them with a familiar place they can go to when they feel anxious. This will help them get used to being alone more quickly.

Before you leave, you should take a minute to play with your Shepherd. This will make them happy and less stressed out. Aussies love to play and you want to take advantage of that. When playing with your Australian Shepherd, make sure you give them lots of praise. They love it when you are playing with them and giving them praise.

Also you should not allow them to chew anything they come into contact with. It is natural for an Aussie to want to chase after or chew things around them, but if you leave them by themselves, chewing the things they come into contact with may make them ill. This will only cause your Aussie to become even more stressed out and you will have created a very bad situation. Your Aussie is part of your family and should be treated as such so ensure that you have them left with enough water, food and chew toys.

If you have any concerns about leaving your Aussie alone you can talk to your vet. A vet has the ability to examine your dog and tell you what you should not do. They can also give you advice on ways to make your dog happier and less aggressive. Making your Australian Shepherd happier will help your dog be much happier and much calmer.

How long can you leave your Australian Shepherd alone?

If you plan on having an Australian Shepherd for any amount of time, you need to ask yourself how long can you leave him alone. There are many different factors that can come into play here. If you live in a rural area, you may not have neighbors to keep your dog company. If you’re the only one living there, then it’s going to be your dogs’ home all day. There is no way around it, if you don’t want your dog to get bored or develop a chewing problem.

How long you can be away from your dog depends on whether or not it has all it’s motivation with him -e.g. chew bones. 

These dogs can be left alone for about  four to six hours. However, before you leave him alone for such time, you must ensure that you are giving him or her exercise on a regular basis. The amount of activity your Australian Shepherd will receive when you’re around will impact on how well he’ll behave when left alone. If you have an active Aussie that enjoys running around and gets a lot of exercise, this is a good sign that he will have lots of energy and that all his exercise requirements must be met before leaving.

Also, how long you can leave your Aussie alone in the backyard depends on how much training he gets about staying alone. If your dog likes to run off and play, he may not enjoy being alone in the house. If he is used to being alone while playing in the yard, then you should be able to leave him alone for a longer period of time.

However, try to gather as much knowledge as possible about your dog. Get to know his behaviour patterns, and ask other people who are dog owners about their dog. Learning more about your dog’s habits, personality and general disposition is a good way to determine how long you can leave your Aussies alone.

How to avoid leaving your Australian Shepherd alone?

Every Australian Shepherd is independent, courageous, and requires regular exercise. They are not good candidates for home confinement or a kennel. Australian Shepherds are quick to become bored, and need to be left in the company of their owner. If they’re left by themselves, they might run off to play, dig holes, or chase other animals.

If you won’t be there for your Aussie, here are some options;

  • Hire a pet sitter: Just like you can have a babysitter looking after your baby when you’re away, you can hire a pet sitter to take care of your Australian Shpeherd’s needs when you’re not around. I prefer this option because professional pet sitters understand each dog breeds’ needs individually thus taking care of your canine friend the best way.
  • Reach out to a friend for help: This is also another best way of ensuring that your Aussie is happy and motivated when you are away. You can get in touch with a friend who knows your dog and have them look after them till you’re back. No costs will be incurred here because they’ll be doing it out of heart. You just need to leave them a note for the things that your puppy will need after you’re gone.
  • Ask someone in your household to look after him: You can drop your Aussie at your family members’ place so that they can look after him while you run your errands. If your family members are far away, you can have them come over or maybe speak to someone you trust and who loves dogs to keep an eye on them.
  • Bringing him with you on your activities: If you are going somewhere where pets or dogs are welcome, why not take him with you. This way, he will feel part of you and not feel like you don’t appreciate his presence to the spots you’ll be stepping foot on.
  • Doggie day care: Doggie day care is another place I would recommend you take your Australian Shepherd if you’ll be leaving him alone for longer periods. Here, he will get training, socialization and play time with other dogs that will be brought. 

If your dog gets used to your absence, make sure that you get him accustomed to lone routines gradually

Why negative effects occur on dogs left alone too often

Negative effects of leaving dogs alone too often occur because of two different reasons. Firstly, it is a difficult and frightening thing for a dog to become accustomed to. It will be hard for your dog to deal with you not being there constantly. There will be times that you are out of sight but that does not mean that your dog should be unsafe.

Another reason why negative effects of leaving dogs alone too often occur is because a dog’s natural instinct is to hunt for its master. A dog is not aware of the fact that its owner is not around all of the time. Sometimes a dog will start whining or howling even when there is no one around. This is because the dog is searching for its master in order to get food or to find somewhere to sleep. 

An additional reason why negative effects of leaving dogs alone too often occur is because the dog’s owner leaves it in an area where other pets who are always with their owners may be present. If this happens, then the dog will be scared and stressed. Your pet will also be more likely to bark or whine constantly. This is especially true if your dog is a timid dog or if it has a bad temper. These types of dogs require that they not be left alone for long periods of time.

Negative effects that occur on dogs left alone too often

One problem that can occur from the negative effects of leaving dogs alone too often is that your pet will become malnourished. They will not be getting enough calories and nutrients to sustain their bodies. Malnourishment in dogs can lead to serious health problems including Diabetes. That is why it is a good idea for owners to feed their pets at least twice a day.

The other negative effect of leaving dogs alone too often is that they can be a source of nuisance to neighbors and to other animals. Your neighbors will find it hard to ignore your pet when it constantly barks and disturbs everyone. Aside from disturbing others, your dog can also cause damage to your lawn and plants if it eats or digests grass. That is why it is highly recommended that you train your dog not to go outside.


Dog obedience classes can help you train your Aussie to stay alone for a couple of hours but before that, ask your veterinarian or pet store owner about it. Once you have a dog under your care, you cannot be so strict with him that you leave him in the backyard every time you go out of town. 

Training will help them not to develop destructive behaviors. Destructive behaviors include barking, biting, digging, whining, destroying furniture, breaking things, urinating in your house, and much more. If you want to protect your family, your pets, and your neighborhood from such destructive dogs, you should train them not to do those things. 

You can get a helpful guide to teach your dog to behave in a complete manner at any animal obedience school in your area. This way, your dog will soon learn how to behave properly.

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