5 Places To Avoid When Looking For A New Dog

Places To Avoid When Looking For A New Dog

Who doesn’t want to have a four-legged as their friend?

We all do.

Yet, many of us struggle to decide on our choice of breed out of all fabulous and adorable dogs. Dogs have earned amplified respect for their love and devoted affection towards humans. Of course, they are true examples of what unconditional love means in real life. They are not just regular pets, but they become our life-long companions. 

It is indeed a wonderful thing if you will give a home to a canine in need. So making sure you do everything right while taking on the responsibility is a must. Ensure you are looking for your dog at the right places and communicating with the right people for your queries. Research well in advance as per your requirements and go ahead with searching through the kennel clubs to get your pet home.

The fulfilling experience is immense when they would look at you with their puppy-eyes and their wagging tails. It is a thing of joy for your new dog too when they get to live in a lovable and caring house. How should you plan to get your pet dog home depends on various factors? You should be mentally prepared about getting a dog and taking on the required responsibilities as your dog parents. 


What kind of place should you avoid when looking for a new puppy?

If you’re looking for a new puppy to add to your family then you should never buy a puppy without seeing where it was raised. You should also ask the seller to show you its parents no matter what papers the seller gives you. All in all, avoid puppies being sold in flea market, random people, and unregistered/fake Social Media dog adoption groups.

Places To Avoid When Looking For A Dog

Once you decide to have a dog or adopt one instead of buying, make sure you are looking at the right places.

Nowadays, there are many sources from where you can adopt a dog. If you are willing to adopt a canine for the first time, you need to be extra careful. Why? Simply because many of the fraudulent and duping sellers will make money off your purchase.

We are providing you with sources which you should avoid. It is because many illegal and shady businesses take place while trading the dogs. Usually, this is why, as the old saying goes, be safe than to be sorry fits right. 

Research, and decide without giving in to the temptations of low prices. You might end up getting a dog with severe hereditary or regular health conditions. Be aware of what all goes on in grey puppy markets to know what to avoid.

Let’s jump in;

1. Flea market

Places To Avoid When Looking For A New Dog - Flea Market

In a Flea Market, you can encounter random sellers who are not even regular shopkeepers. They come to sell specific things they make or produce timely. If you meet someone in such markets, selling cute dogs at a low cost or even for free, do not get fascinated by it. 

You can not know the motive behind the person selling the puppies for low prices. Also, it is not possible to find out any information about the health conditions of the dog. The seller may be an illegal breeder, thief, or someone associated with puppy mills. You can never meet the person again if you face any problem with the dog you would buy from them. 

There are dogs who are allergic to certain foods, and without any information about the dog, you may potentially harm the dog. So, you should avoid any such places to get your next pet dog. It is crucial to have a happy and healthy dog rather than just focusing on a show or the price.

2. Pet stores

Places To Avoid When Looking For A New Dog - Pet Stores

Pet stores do look like trustable and responsible businesses for everything related to pets. They tend to have carious products and accessories for all types and kinds of dogs. You might have already seen people buying fancy or exotic dogs and get smitten and fascinated by them. But the looks can go in vain if the health is not well taken care of. 

Every dog breed is different depending on the climate and demographics of their native place. We get to see a different breed of dogs in a different part of the world. Getting a Mountain Husky to some hot and humid place will severely affect the dog’s health and can even become life-threatening. Similarly, you can see the hybrid or cross-breeds of different dogs in the pet store as well. 

There is an extensive collection of pocket-size puppies or cup-size puppies sold at high rates through such places. All these are mere tactics used by the lousy dog breeders to attract customers. These practices are not healthy for dogs or any other animal. 

You should avoid getting a dog from a pet store, as many dogs can be from the ‘puppy mills.’ If you are longing to get a purebred pet or have a specific breed in mind, you should also enquire about it from the rescue centers, and if with no options left, you should do proper research before visiting any pet store.

3. Unregistered/Fake social media dog adoption groups

Everything is available online. You can contact various accounts or groups that are giving rescue dogs for adoption. They have no proper papers for their registration, and some groups even work under the name of reputable animal shelters in disguise. Yet, they are often a part of illegal or unethical business. They often provide delivery service upon adoption, charging a minimal fee or even for free at times. 

If you are willing to adopt a dog, you should always visit the adoption facilities, make sure that the animals in good condition. If they mention you about the vaccination and treatments done in the shelter, ask for the medical reports. You can also look up reviews and check references, if any online, as well. If you find anything suspicious, there is always an option to say no, and inform the concerned authorities. 

There are instances where they upload pictures of diseased dogs asking the viewer to donate money for the treatment. Before any such donation, you should check the genuineness of the account holder. Most of the cases are frauds.

4. Online classifieds

Looking for anything online is always an easy option. It is not always helpful, though. Sometimes, it can lead you to the wrong places and very wrong people. You would be inclining towards an attractive advertisement as soon as you see it with cute puppy faces avoiding any detailed research and inquiry. 

If you see any online advertisement with cute pictures of a dog up for free adoption, it might also mean that it has some behavioral issues or health problems. Else, why give free? Those owners who are fed up with their dogs or do not want them anymore choose the online advertisement option to get rid of them. 

Some advertisements can also be from illegal breeders or those working in puppy mills (Read the truth about puppy mills here). They can very well be thieves or homeless burglars who want to earn some money by selling the dogs they stole from somewhere.

5. Random people selling dogs

Random People Selling Dogs

When you see random people in the corner of a street trying to sell dogs, you should never consider buying one. You would not have any idea about the medical history of the dog or their behavior and temperament. There are instances where the dog gets weak or is of no help the owners try to sell it out. Once you get the dog, you are never going to see the seller again. 

You might end up in a hospital or, the worst case, to have to put down the dog in just a few days of owning. In such scenarios, it will affect your mental health as well.

Buying a dog needs mental understanding, and after getting one, if such terrible things happen, the effect may be adverse. So, you should avoid buying pets from shady places and people.

Why Adopt Dogs?

Many dogs are left abandoned in the streets every day. There are various rescue groups, animal shelters, and non-profit organizations that take care of them. They provide them the required medical treatments and vaccination, and once they are healthy, the dogs are up for adoption. If you are willing to adopt a homeless dog, it is better to opt for registered shelter homes. 

Most families and prospective owners want a dog with known history and other record papers. The option here is to visit a dog breeder for detailed history and information about a dog. You must be very careful when getting your dog from a breeder. The breeders may sell a purebred rescue dog to other traders or, the dog might be a victim of the puppy-mill. If you notice such crimes in your locality, you should inform the concerned authority of the area.

Countless dogs end up in the rescue shelters. With the increase in the number of rescue dogs, there are not enough shelters to keep them safe and secure. You can often see instances where senior and severely ill dogs are put down or euthanized. If you have the financial stability, adequate space, and time to look after a dog or two, you should think about adoption from these rescue shelters.


You should always think more than twice before adopting a pet. Adopting a pet is nothing less than including a new member of your family. Everyone in your family should be on the same page about having a pet. A dog needs special care, from their specific foods to their vet appointments. Ensure you get your pet dog from an excellent renowned source like a responsible dog breeder avoiding the places discussed above. 

It is not as simple as choosing food on the menu and getting it served, and paying for it. Pets are a full-time investment. You should be financially capable of looking after your pet. Not only that, you need to spend a sufficient amount of time with them too, taking walks, playing fetch, etc. Like humans, dogs can get depressed or be lonely at times. 

Dogs in the shelter may have suffered a lot before their rescue. You should respect their boundaries and give them time to open up on their own. Visit the animal rescue shelters often. With proper training and guidance, all dogs can learn to control their erratic or aggressive behaviors. You can take the help of professionals who are experts in providing the necessary training to the dogs. 

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